2020 Christmas Message

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, from lockdowns to loo roll shortages, daily briefings to finding ourselves back in the midst of the Tier System, with a turkey that feeds 20 for the four of you allowed to be in the house, and knowing the only pigs in blankets left will be us, once we’ve eaten all that Christmas chocolate.

There’s a saving grace, however, an angel on the top of the tree if you will. 2020 is almost over, and in the words of The Only Way Is Essex, “the only way is up”.

We’ve had a busy year, following our launch in March, we’ve been helping clients across the UK realise their creative visions, in more than a few ways...

We’ve spent the year building a huge portfolio of websites including for an online fitness experience, window cleaning companies, a property development company and even more. (If you’d like the link to our fitness friends for a post-Christmas purge, it’s duelchallenge.fit).

We helped to rebrand a wide portfolio of businesses, arranged a product photoshoot for a company, ran a huge amount of digital marketing campaigns and, in the midst of one of the worst times for British Business in a generation, gave free advice and support in online marketing to over 50 small businesses when they needed it most.

We’re excited to get stuck into 2021, because we all need something to look forward to at the moment. We’ve got huge things in the pipeline so keep an eye on our emails and socials in the coming month, because January is going to be huge!

Of course, everything we do starts with you, so if there’s anything you think we could do differently, or introduce to Sprint Online, let us know, and we’ll get to work faster than Santa’s Elves after their 11 month Furlough.

We’re about to crack open the Brandy so our replies may be slower, and perhaps a little more slurred than usual between the 24th December and 3rd January (if anyone would like to send some ice packs and a fry-up on the 4th we’d be very appreciative).

However, if you fancy a chat, would like to talk about some big ideas for the coming year or have recipe ideas for leftover Turkey, you can drop urgent enquiries via email to support@sprintonline.co.uk or call 01372 626122.

We hope you have a fabulous festive season, that your days remain merry and bright, and Santa brings everything you asked for.

Stay positive and test negative!

The Team at Sprint Online

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