Virtual Telephone Numbers

Virtual telephone numbers provide flexibility and help you connect with your customers wherever you are. You also benefit from a range of advanced features traditionally only available on expensive telephone systems.

What are the benefits to having a virtual telephone number?
A virtual telephone number exists in 'the cloud' and it is not physically linked to a fixed telephone line which means that calls can be diverted to any mobile or landline worldwide. As a result, calls follow you regardless of where you are, resulting in less missed calls and improving your company image.

How does it work?
Virtual numbers are quick and easy to set up, without the need for a second sim or a second phone. Simply choose your preferred local area code number and a new number or keep your existing landline. You will be taking business calls on your new number almost immediately and your Control Panel allows you to quickly change where your calls are being diverted to.
You can add numbers to your account as your team expands as well as effectively track advertising campaigns through the use of a new number, allowing you to tracking exactly where the calls are coming from.

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With hundreds of options to choose from, we aim to make the process of getting set up with a virtual telephone number as easy and as smooth as possible. We aim to get all orders live within 3 working hours, ensuring full satisfaction.

Call Features

With over 30 features that we are able to offer, we are able to build custom packages for all companies, from start-ups to large enterprises. We have gathered the top 12 features, but if there's something that you need which isn't on this list, drop us a call and we will see how we can help!

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