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Looking for an 01 or 02 Virtual Telephone Number Line?

- 77% of people prefer to call local.
- Advertising a local virtual number allows you to add credibility to your business, within your target market.
- No installation of hardware required.
- Quick set up.
- Monthly rolling contract.
- No credit checks.

01 and 02 Landline Number Divert to Your Mobile

With a 01/02 virtual telephone number, you are able to divert calls easily and effectively to your mobile, office and home. Within hours of purchasing, you will be able to receive calls to your new virtual telephone number. Using your mobile as your landline, you won't need a second phone, SIM or need to change your existing contract, as virtual telephone numbers are designed to work with your existing mobile package. We are also able to connect your brand new geographic number to an existing office or home landline number, and even to Microsoft Teams.

How quickly will my new 01/02 Geographic number be set up?

From start to finish, we take care of everything for you. Once we've set up your new 01/02 Geographic virtual telephone number, you will be able to control everything in real time via our Control Pannel - but we are always here to give you a hand.
Most of our numbers are up and running within a few working hours, but we will confirm when you order your 01/02 Geographic virtual number from us.

What about contracts and credit checks?

All of our 01/02 Geographic virtual landline numbers are operated on a monthly rolling contract, with no nasty surprises.
This also means that we don't carry out any credit checks, making it super easy to set up your new virtual number with Sprint Online.

Can I port in my existing 01/02 Geographic number?

Yes of course!
However, the steps are slightly different, so please call us on 01372 626122 to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.

Need a hand choosing the right services?

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