April 2021 Company Update

Last week we celebrated our first birthday, and what a wild first year it has been.

Since launching, we have devoted ourselves to realising our clients' creative visions, and we have loved every second. Our exciting range of clients, means two days are never the same, from working up a sweat with an online fitness experience, to creating a squeaky clean website for our window cleaning brands.

We also shook things up for a few companies seeking fresh rebranding, we arranged our first product photoshoot and were bursting at the seams with incredible digital campaigns. On top of all of this, we were able to provide free advice and support to small independent companies. After one of the worst periods British Businesses have ever faced, it was an honour to supply over 50 talented business owners with the online marketing skills they needed to thrive.

Over the last six months, we have been working our socks off, developing a number of new services, to ensure that our clients are equipped and ready for their businesses to flourish. We aim to maximise efficiency by providing virtual receptionists, virtual telephone numbers, outbound lead management and live chat. Launching soon, our brand new integration with Microsoft Teams will also allow you to make and receive calls from within the application, with four times as many features as the program currently allows.

After all of that, we felt like we deserved a little treat too, so we are giving our website a swanky new look. The fresh site will feature our very own client portal, where everything you could need is at your fingertips. This latest hub will be home to your past invoices, brand materials and updates on your project. The platform will also be your new go-to for frequently asked questions, and ‘how to’ tutorials. If you can’t find the answer there, then you will also be able to create support tickets via the portal (but don’t worry, you can still reach us the old fashioned way by emailing support@sprintonline.co.uk). Excited? Us too! We can’t wait to share it with you - watch this space!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Everything we do starts with you. That means that our number one priority is creating an experience that helps your business reach its full potential. If you have any thoughts on anything we could do differently, or introduce to Sprint Online, then please share the wisdom!

Have we tickled your taste buds? Don’t worry, we will be sharing more details with you very soon. However, if there is something you’re dying to discuss now, then we always love to hear from you. Call us on 01372 626122 or email us at hello@sprintonline.co.uk.

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