WordPress vs Webflow

One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing your web developer, which is usually based on the platform that they use. Wordpress is often the first and only place that business owners will consider when choosing a platform, with a huge 34% of all websites being built on Wordpress. However, is this really the right decision for you? 

Firstly, you need to consider what the priorities are when choosing a platform - what do you need to build and maintain the very best website for your brand? 

Speed and Security

With Webflow, all sites are backed up on Amazon’s Web Servers, giving you very high uptime. 
Once the website is published, it is sent over to Fastly, a Content Delivery Network, with points of presence and servers all over the world. This will improve your website load times, to ensure your customers have the very best experience whilst using your site, and hopefully resulting in quick, easy sales. 

Plug-ins and Code Cleanliness

Wordpress offers a huge array of plug-ins to build a professional looking website. However, as these plug-ins are ‘open-source’, we do not always know who is behind the plug-in, and how  clean the code is. Issues such as this can affect the website load time, and so impacting the customer experience. This concern is removed with Webflow, with all of their plug-ins being closed source,  and managed by an internal team of engineers. Webflow therefore provides you with the peace of mind that your website will not be affected by any plug-ins. As well as these, Webflow also offers an array of other external plug-ins which have been vetted and approved, allowing improved capabilities, yet maintaining reassurance. 
As your business evolves, it is inevitable that you will need to update your website. Occasionally, updating your website through Wordpress can impact the functionality of your plug-ins. In addition, the plug-ins have a tendency to break if they are not regularly updated. Before updating, whilst using Webflow, all plug-ins are tested to ensure they are still functioning as they should be. This saves the unnecessary stress of your website breaking unexpectedly.
Webflow offers a huge array of plug-ins, and hosts the 5 favourite plug-ins of Wordpress, which means you have the capability to build a website as good as, or even better, than Wordpress itself. 

Ease of Use

With regular updates being required, having a website platform that is easy to use is essential for the smooth running of your business. With Wordpress, clients have to be trained on how to edit the site, to ensure they do not break the design. Yet, Webflow’s Content Management System’s simple design allows a user-friendly way of editing the site, and avoids risk of breaking the design. Webflow is so user-friendly, that we are able to train clients in under 15 minutes, allowing them to instantly get to work on their perfect website. 

Every business is different, therefore every business has individual requirements from a website platform. It may take some trial and error to find out what works best for your brand. However, hopefully we have been able to show you that Webflow is not something to fear, and perhaps persuaded you to try a platform outside of the common Wordpress. 

Please feel free to reach out to our friendly team if you would like to learn more about Webflow, and how to make the most out of your business’ website. 

Merry Christmas you Filthy Animals Valued Clients!

As we wrap up another successful year (sorry, there’s definitely more puns to come), we want to express our heartfelt thanks for being a part of the Sprint Online family. Your trust and collaboration have made 2023 a truly remarkable year.

This year we’ve been as busy as Santa’s Elves when the Argos catalogue gets released, and we're thrilled to share some highlights:

Four Fillies (Vegan Coffee Trailer): We all need a dose of Caffeine to get us through January, and thank goodness for the lovely Four Fillies, who we provided a host of services to, making them the go-to for vegan coffee delights in Surrey!
Google "Vegan Coffee Trailer Surrey", and they'll come up first – we’ll raise an Oat Latte to that!

Victory Wash: We embarked on a branding adventure providing a full marketing package including branding, website development, and SEO. Squeaky clean and perfectly timed, just like the services they offer.

Cappadocia Epsom and Kingston: Not at all biased, but perhaps a little led by our bellies, one of our favourite clients, Cappadocia. Now utilising our services for their multiple Surrey restaurants, they asked us to broaden their outreach in an engaging and fun way. Through an innovative 360-degree photo shoot, we allowed their Kingston and Epsom venues to feature an inside look on Google Street View, so clients can see inside the restaurant before they visit. Yum!

We were trigger happy this year with our cameras, providing photo and video shoots to Ildiko's Chocolate, La Terrazza, Utopia 360 Visuals and many more businesses.

As always, web development and branding is a big part of the Sprint Online offering, and this was no different this year. Just to name a few, Serious Entertainment Group, J M Wegner Sports Therapy, Win 360 Consulting, Kable Recruitment and Anthea Your VA trusted us to create brand new, shiny websites for their businesses this year, and we delivered. It’s not quite 7 billion presents on a sleigh, but give us a few mince pies and a red suit, and we won’t be far off!

Brambles Coffee (can you sense a coffee theme?) enjoyed a complete marketing package – from branding to website design, we brewed up a slick look, and the milk ‘tache from the cappuccino does somewhat complete the Santa look…

Piccolo Vicolo received a brand new menu design, from our in house design team, alongside a host of print and signage services for a variety of other local clients.

Finally, we connected hundreds of businesses to a more professional and flexible telephone number through our successful virtual landline service.

Looking ahead, the excitement continues into 2024. We have a lot already planned, including the launch of a brand new WhatsApp Business integration. It's our commitment to keeping your communication as cutting-edge as your business!

Now, it’s time for the annual game of Twister. I tried to join in before I wrote this message, but apparently putting my laptop on Red instead of my foot didn’t count.

Christmas gone mad. Wish me luck!

Warm regards,

Gellért and the Sprint Online Team

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